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We operate an international seminar series on Theoretical Ecology via Zoom since September, 2020. With some exceptions, the hour-long events are held on every other Tuesday at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, which corresponds to 5 p.m. in London and 6 p.m. in Paris most of the time. Our invited lecturer speaks for cc. 20-30 minutes. The rest of the hour is for questions and discussions, which are often lively. The seminars are recorded and posted on our YouTube channel. We send out notifications before each lecture via email and Twitter. The webinar is organised by György Barabás (, Géza Meszéna ( and Chris Terry ( Any comment, or suggestion are welcome.

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Géza Meszéna (Eötvös University): What is niche-space? The exact and intuitive theory

28 May, 2024

Most of our knowledge on ecosystems is qualitative: lion eats gazelle, trees compete for light. The Hutchinsonian concept of niche-space, i.e., species partition an abstract space among themselves, had been regarded as the intuitive big picture of ecology. It lost this status through endless debates on interpretation, as well as on the principle of competitive exclusion. Modern coexistence theory studies mathematical conditions of species coexistence without any connection to the qualitative knowledge. Instead, it depends on quantitative details (model selection) which are difficult to acquire beyond the simplest ecological settings. I will argue that sufficiently general mathematical handling of coexistence theory allows us keeping the connection to the qualitative knowledge and biological intuition. I hope that it will be possible to uncover the major niche structures behind the high diversity of some ecosystems.

William Campillay-Llanos (University of Talca, Chile)

11 June, 2024