Seminar email list

We use the Google Group ‘Theoretical-Ecology-Seminars’ for sending out email reminders before each seminar event. This is the sole purpose of the group, so only the organizers can write to the list.

You may, or may not, want to use a Google account to register to this Google Group. Here is your help by Google.

You can also subscribe to, and unsubscribe from, receiving the email reminders independently of having a Google Account in the following ways:

To subscribe, send an empty email to the address


from the address to which you want to receive the emails. You will receive an email to acknowledge your request. You have to Reply this mail, as a confirmation. Then, you will receive a new email to confirm your subscription.

To unsubscribe, send an email to the address


from the address you have registered to the group. You will receive an email notifying you about being unsubscribed.

Check your spam folder, if you do not find the expected mail.